You better Belize it! – everything you need to know about this paradise!

Belize- a beautiful country just south of Mexico seems to be a never ending paradise.  This country is full of culture, friendly people and a beautiful tropical scenery. I am here to tell you everything you need to know before your trip to Central America.

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1. It is CHEAP

Just like its Central American neighbors this is a very cheap country to visit.  Just a mere $200usd plane ticket from Houston and you are relaxing in paradise. Also for United States citizens money exchanging will not be a problem so don’t even bother! Two USD is one Belizian dollar. Although all prices will be in Belizian dollars everyone takes USD since the exchange is so easy!  Hotel cost usually depend on the island you stay at. The main photo below is actually a picture from our private hotel balcony on Caye Caulker for roughly 90usd/night.

2. There is not a beach unless you go to the islands.

The main islands are Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.  Caye Caulker is quiet a bit smaller than Ambergris and both islands are easily accessible from the mainland by water taxi. If you stay in Belize City you will be incredibly disappointed because the coast is full of trees and rock. The islands have good beaches.  I will post a later blog reviewing my thoughts on both islands and which would be best for you to stay on in my opinion.

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3. The food is amazing!

Obviously if you like seafood you are in luck! It is everywhere, cheap and sold with the local rum punch.  If you actually go fishing you can bring your fish to any restaurant and they will cook it for you for roughly $5 usd.  The photo below is a picture of some of the fish we caught and cooked.

4.  Is Belize safe?

This is the most common question I get asked. The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you are a normal tourist enjoying yourselves but no if you get drunk in the middle of the night and go down a dark ally (just like in any major city). Don’t be that tourist! We never felt unsafe once.
5. What language do they speak in Belize?

They all speak English so don’t worry about the language barrier.  I have to say the locals are very kind as well. They very much enjoy the tourist. If you take a boat up to Mexico just a couple hours though you will need to know some Spanish to communicate.

6. What should we do in Belize?

My absolute favorite thing I did in Belize was snorkel. They have one of the best reefs in the world to snorkel at. It is also the second largest. Many people we went snorkeling with have been snorkeling before in many other countries and said this is the best place they have EVER been! I couldn’t agree more.  I put a picture below of a sea turtle I took a picture of while snorkeling.

So to come to conclusion Belize is a beautiful and cultural country. It has amazing islands and amazing people. There are a lot of expats that currently have made Belize there permanent home as well and I don’t blame them one bit.

As the locals say “you better Belize it.”

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