Viva la Bahamas- What They Don’t Tell You

Bahamas- Atlantis- what else comes to mind.  All most people know about the Bahamas is Atlantis and it is beautiful. Surprisingly enough it sits on the smallest of hundreds of islands that make up the Bahamas. I feel I must sum up a few things because there is many misconceptions.  I had fun- but would I go back?  Probably but probably not.

1. It is not a place for the cultural seekers

I am most definitely a cultural seeker. Atlantis is a tourist attraction to meet other tourist. It is like an amusement park for the wealthy. Your all on your small little island that links to another small island that most people stay off of. Not many locals live on this island. If you are more interested in the resort, casino, and attractions than the country itself this is the place for you.
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2. It has the best beach I have ever seen

Beautiful doesn’t even describe it. I have been to Jamaica, Belize, most coastal US cities and nothing compares. It has the most beautiful clean beach I have seen.

3. It is expensive- everything.

Obviously the hotel is expensive but when I say expensive it doesn’t stop at the hotel. The taxi is expensive. The food is over $40 a meal per person (at a cheap restaurant). They charge for everything. All the attractions are very expensive. If the coin isn’t an issue then this is a great destination to relax.

Atlantis is beautiful. The beach is the best I have seen but this place is not for the cultural seekers or the bargain hunters. It has a lot of attractions, a great water park, but the locals seemed more annoyed and the prices are high… Everywhere. It might be different on one of the hundreds of other islands but as for Atlantis it is for the   wealthy tourist!

6 thoughts on “Viva la Bahamas- What They Don’t Tell You

  1. I love this post and I completely agree! I went to the Bahamas on a missions trip with my church this past summer. We visited Atlantis just as a way to kind of compare it to the frugal living that can be seen on other parts of the island and it was insane. Luckily because of the nature of my trip I was able to engage with locals a little more but I guess that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Not a problem and that is awesome 🙂 I think next time I will go to a different island. I wish more people spent time learning about other cultures and seeing this beautiful world instead of a beautiful man made resort and the only locals you see are the ones working at the hotel. It isn’t fair. And talk about EXPENSIVE!


      • Exactly! Like cruises and resorts are nice but I don’t even like hanging out with snobby rich Americans in America so I’m definitely not seeking them out in other countries lol. We got to go to a small cove and hang out with some kids and I feel like you would’ve had a ball with us. hopefully next time you’ll get to venture out enjoy yourself more 😊😊


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