Cheap airfare-forget about it… Or should we?

As none of you know yet, I am rather stingy when it comes to money. Meaning I like to save money where I can. There is nothing wrong with that but why would I want to pay more to go to the same location.  The less I spend on my airfare the more I get to spend on the actual vacation. Obviously we would all rather do that. Some of us don’t have to worry about this, but your probably not the one reading this are you? Well lucky for you I have a couple tricks in store that not only let me compare all of the airlines at once, but let me look at a calendar to decide the cheapest days.  I kid you not I have looked for a post exactly like this and have yet to find ANYTHING. I feel like it is the biggest kept secret!

I have two sites that I have discovered that work the best. The first one is good old Google….Google flights that is. This site is amazing and the one I absolutely love. All of these trip advisers, airline websites, ect don’t let me have the same type of flexibility Google offers. Airline websites only tell me prices for the day’s selected and only that airline. Trip adviser websites seem to cost so much more. Google is all about saving you money. You can access this site by typing in cheap Google flights in Google and it is usually the first one or you can click on:
I literally flew to Belize from Kansas City for $350 usd round trip. I was looking at a flight to Thailand yesterday for $480 usd from LAX (no I don’t live in L.A but gosh I wish I did for that price). I also was looking at flights to Ireland for under $600! Please check it out! It is worth it!

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The second one I am very pleased with as well. You see I love to book my hotels on Kayak since it will tell me the cheapest site to book off of. I have had much luck with them in the past, but if you just search airfare it is very inefficient. That is why they made this new link to let you check flights. This is essential to check especially if your not positive where to fly into. You can click on this link to visit the sight:,20161231/?budget=530
Now you have it, my two favorite places to search for airline tickets. These sites give you the flexibility you need to plan accordingly. Comment below and let me know where you want to go!

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