Colombia- Through the Eyes of a Local

As you all know by now traveling is in my nature #wanderlust so let me give you all a little piece of a beautiful tropical South American country. One of my really good friends I have gotten to know well is from Colombia. Katerin is a local that currently lives in Bogotá. It is an amazing country to visit with beautiful mountains, culture and beaches. I wanted to do a segment about Colombia- and what better way than to see Colombia through her eyes. Why should you visit Colombia. She has all the answers.

1. The Cities and Culture

Colombia is a beautiful country with absolutely stunning architecture and gorgeous landscapes. In her words it is absolutely necessary to visit Bogotá, Medellin, Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Amazonia and Cali. There are so many sights to see inside the cities as well as exploring the dozens of national parks the country has to offer. About 11% of Colombia is actually protected as a national park. They have many species of plants and animals only found in this region. From the lush jungles to the beautiful beaches, this is not something you would like to pass up.


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2. The Food- Eat as the locals do

The local cuisine is unlike anywhere else. The best local dish you should try is Ajiaco. It is a wonderful dish usually made with chicken, herbs and potatoes. It is very popular in the countries capital, Bogotá. You can find it everywhere. Also Bandeja paisa is a very popular dish served with a variety of ingredients.

3. The People
The people are very kind. In Katerin’s words,

“I think people of Colombia are happy all the time. We have many friends and we are good friends. We are friendly, optimistic, sometimes we are lazy but we like to fight for our dreams.”

The people of Colombia are always eager to learn new things and learn about other cultures as much as the tourist.

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4. The Tourist

Colombia has become a very popular tourist destination. The people are amazing, the cities are cultural and full of history and the landscape is phenomenal. Katerin has met many people from all over Europe, Canada, the United States, and Asia. She says a lot of expats have moved there through the years as well and call Colombia there forever home. She says many Colombians love when tourist visit because they are all so different. They help the economy and grow there local businesses as well as giving them the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The people are different here and that’s what makes Colombia different. Everyone is always happy and looking to help others.

5. The Risk- Is Colombia Dangerous?

In Katerin’s words

“No, the only risk is you wanting to stay.”

So through the eyes of a local Colombian you have it. It’s a beautiful county you will never want to leave (you might just find yourself an expat). The food and culture is amazing and you will make so many friends along the way. There is exotic wildlife and beautiful architecture making this country very unique.

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So whether it is the stunning ocean you visit or the beautiful mountains, make Colombia your next travel destination!
Go Colombia!

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