The Story of the Traveling Girl

I like to consider myself rather brave. I like to travel to places some people wouldn’t dream of… but am I brave? – Not really. This is not a story about me, but about a girl that was brave. The story of the traveling girl.

On my journey through Central America I got the opportunity to meet so many people from all over the world. I have made friends with people that I will probably talk to forever. They were all the kindest people I have ever met. We might have all come from different backgrounds and different languages and different parts of this vast planet we call home- but are we really that different-no not really.
The girl who’s name I can not remember was one of these people. Brave, much more than me. She carried only a backpack and traveled alone. She grew up in California and against her families wishes she flew to Mexico City. She backpacked down through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and kept going down south. Alone.

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Some may call her brave…some may call her crazy, all of 19 years old she might of been a little bit of both, but that didn’t stop her. No one stopped her. She just kept traveling like the dozens of people before her. Many Europeans travel that path, fearless and determined. America, though our boarders meet we live in fear doing what the traveling girl did. The nameless girl. But why?
I feel like there are a few people like me that live in America, but not many, and especially not many like the traveling girl. We are constantly told how we are the greatest nation in the world. We are distilled with values that mark all other countries unsafe… Which is a lie. I feel the majority of us are told and raised to believe we need nothing more… Than America.
But that is far from true. The only thing that is unsafe is my sanity for the people that fear this world is so dangerous. They never live, they never travel and they never explore. We should look past what is constantly put in front of us everyday of our lives and look at the big picture and be brave. Be that traveling girl in different moderations. Don’t let fear keep you in these walls our country puts around us. She traveled a path deemed to be incredibly unsafe. She got to see corners of the world some of us dream about.
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Something we should include in our everyday life needs to be just that. You don’t have to travel, but don’t live in fear.

“Don’t be imprisoned within yourself because of the fear that holds you back from things. Go out and view every corner of this planet we call home.”

-Big Blue Planet

Meet people. Learn to live a life for you, not based on what we are “told” by those around us.  

So to the traveling girl, you did what everyone told you not to do. You didn’t live in fear. You didn’t live in a prison inside yourself, instead you broke free from it. You were smart, you did things right.
She was many things but most importantly…

She was brave.
-To the traveling girl-

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79 thoughts on “The Story of the Traveling Girl

  1. This is the quote that was my motivation, my mantra and my drive for my walk on the Camino Norte & Primitivo this year.
    I think youll appreciate it
    “Let us not live in fear of death but in fear of not having ever lived; to living full lives before long ones; to seizing the goddamned day.” I got it from the story of Chris McCandless.


  2. Oh I love this very much inspiring to me ! Such true words, I think people like to put there own fears inside of us or those who love and care about us would rather us stay put and in sight instead of allowing us to spread our wings and fly! Surely that’s what life is about… I have no fear I suffered the greatest loss I ever could’ve imagined loosing my soulmate so if I can get through this I can do anything. You never know what’s around the corner so you should go where your heart desires, experience life and make your own adventure… Have no fear because It will only hold you back and when time is up time is up we can’t live being in fear of where or what not to do for that is not living .

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  3. Great post and take on the traveling girl. I have been traveling now for over 5 years. I’ve had over 15 solo trips to crazy destinations, and many times I found myself being in a prison when i returned home. Not a locked one, but one where I was confused and didn’t feel like myself anymore. Great writing as well. Check out my blog if you’s like. The writing isn’t as good as yours but you might enjoy the photos.

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  4. I love the idea of leaving behind most possessions and traveling just as the girl in the piece above! It reminds me very much of the true story of Christopher McCandles (you should look him up, he inspired a book/movie “Into the Wild”. There is nothing more inspiring and compelling than a human connecting to the nature and nitty gritty of the planet. Without all these possessions, and without all these guaranteed futures.

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  5. The only thing to fear is fear itself, they say! Great post – most of the Americans I’ve met in America are quite content to stay in America and not travel to the “unsafe” and “scary” other outside their borders. Closed minds, closed hearts! I hope you keep on travelling!

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  6. ah.. I’ve been trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I dream of being able to travel around the world someday and I will do it! Thank you for posting


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  9. Thank you for this! I am off to Central America to do the same this summer and it’s hard sometimes to not let the ‘fear’ that some people try to instil in you about this get to you. This has just reboot my excitement ✌️️


  10. “Meet people. Learn to live a life for you, not based on what we are β€œtold” by those around us.”

    Truly inspiring and definitely something to live by. I loved this article, so thank you for for sharing this πŸ™‚

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