America- 8 Eastern Cities to See This Year

Road trips- you have got to love them. So as not many of you know I reside here in one of the lovely 50 States of America. I was born and raised here (though I have moved 12 times-ouch). America is HUGE, over 3 million square miles to be exact. I have been to most all of the 50 states surprisingly and you see I have a very high respect for the East Coast as it is very beautiful and there is a lot to see. The East Coast is actually my personal favorite (sorry to the West Coast and the Central American people.) Regardless, what better way than to view this beautiful country than by riding in the car. I feel you get a more personal experience. It was hard to narrow it down to 8 but here is my favorite 8 Eastern American Cities you have to visit this year. Take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.

1. Pensacola, Florida 

This is where you should start your vacation and fly into. This beautiful coastal town is a hidden treasure. Destin is not to far away but much more crowded and much less relaxing. Pensacola has the beautiful Florida beaches without the rowdy Spring Break teenagers and with a more relaxed environment. It is in my opinion my favorite beach on the Gulf Coast.
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2. Atlanta Georgia

Just 4 hours and 40 min North of Pensacola is Atlanta, one of my favorite cities in the United States. I have actually gotten the opportunity to live in Atlanta twice and out of over 12 places I have lived it remains my favorite place I have lived. Your not far from the ocean, beautiful mountains, Florida is a short drive away, and there is so much to do…. And did I mention the people are friendly? Like REALLY friendly! So if you go to Atlanta you have to go to the World of Coke and also the Aquarium. They are literally right next to each other and an easy walk. You will not be disappointed!

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Just 3 hours and 40 minutes away from Atlanta lyes this very popular city. You obviously need to go to the famous Country Music Hall and there are also a lot of different museums and shows that are worth seeing.

4. Asheville, North Carolina

Just under 4 hours and 30 minutes from Nashville lyes the small town of Asheville. You can go to museums, hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, or go see the beautiful 800 acre historical estate! Don’t miss out on this trip to Asheville!

5. Williamsburg, Virginia

All you history lovers get ready because we have landed in Williamsburg. Just over 6 hours form Asheville marks this very important town in American history. Be sure to check out Jamestown, the Governor’s palace or even take your child at heart to Busch Gardens Theme Park!

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6. Washington DC 

Just under 3 hours away lyes the capital of our nation… Washington Dc. What is there not to do here? Ride through the city in a limo and take a tour. Visit the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, Museums…lots of Museums (The Air and Space Museum is still my FAVORITE), or much more!

7. New York City, New York 

Just over 4 hours away is New York City. What a city unlike any other. Go to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, or even the Empire State Building. The opportunities here are endless!

8. Boston, Massachusetts 

Now only 4 hours from New York City lyes this beautiful coastal city. Take the time to step back in time and enjoy the historical side of Boston by visiting Paul Revere’s home, the Boston Harbor, or maybe even Old North Church or a Museum. There is so much to do in this city you could probably spend a week here alone!

So there you have it… my favorite East Coast Cities. Where do you want to go next?

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7 thoughts on “America- 8 Eastern Cities to See This Year

  1. Very nice little “Highlights” summary bud. I’m not one who’s usually into reading articles like this but am glad to have given this a shot. Loved how short, detailed and sweet it is. I feel like you’re going to be a real good tour guide already lol!

    I’ll take it that you’ve been to EVERY single one of these cities mentioned? Oh btw, Is there a “Central Perk” in NYC?

    Your pal,

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