When Traveling Almost Killed Me- Literally 

So as you know I love traveling… But I have had some close calls. I like to consider myself lucky… For the most part…but that doesn’t stop me from being accident prone at times. Let me tell you I have had my share from getting lost in Central America to almost getting hit by a bus in Germany but one instance stands out more than the others. Luckily for you in here to tell the story- yay!
So to give you some backstory I am allergic to mosquito bites. I have actually included a photo below to show you I am not lying. Yes, I am aware everyone swells up but I not only swell up bad … I get bit a million times more than the average person- it sucks.

So to be quite honest Central America has its fair share of mosquitos- and they’re brutal. I got bit by a lot of mosquitos while I was in Belize (like any tropical area) this year but one was different. I laid in bed that night and complained about a muscle pain on my leg. The next morning I noticed it was indeed a mosquito bite that was very warm, swollen and felt more like a muscle pain than a bite. I got bit by probably 8 others that looked like normal bites. I didn’t think anything of it- despite the million zika news broadcasting and bought a little $12 bottle of benedryl cream (yes steep I know…) and rubbed it on there and that was that.
A few days later I was back to the States and back to work. Two days after getting back I started having a 99 degree fever (about 38 Celsius). That wasn’t even the scariest symptom. I was having mental fogginess…. Not memory loss but I wasn’t thinking straight. I had trouble remembering how to use a program I used for over 6 months. That was the most disturbing. I decided to leave work early and see a doctor.
I went to the doctor and they tested me for everything that they could think of and sent me home. That night I started running 104 fever (40 Celsius) and headed to the hospital and did more test. Get this… I asked them to test me for zika and the doctor said I couldn’t get tested because I wasn’t pregnant. I called the state health department, and my doctor (who even said zika wasn’t in Belize but was in all the boarding countries) aside from the hospital and couldn’t find anyone to test me. To the doctor who said Mexico and Guatemala and the boarding countries had Zika but Belize didn’t obviously didn’t know the mosquitos don’t know boarders…. They don’t fly to the Belizean boarder and decide they don’t want to go there…..
Regardless, all of my tests came back negative. My symptoms went away about a week later and still to this day I don’t know if I had zika or what I had. I guess it doesn’t matter since now I’m better but I would of been the first zika patient diagnosed in my state so I am sure they didn’t want that publicity. Anyway truth to be told I survived this ordeal. I do sometimes wish I knew what it was but at least I’m alive and well. I didn’t die but that sure was the closest I have come from traveling!
What are some of your crazy travel stories?

11 thoughts on “When Traveling Almost Killed Me- Literally 

  1. That’s terrifying!!! I always get bit as well 😥 I think the closest to “death” was almost getting hit by a car in London (I felt it zoom past me). But I was most scared in Montreal, when I arrived at midnight and was misguided to buy a train ticket that didn’t take me where I needed to go. I didn’t realize that I was in the wrong place until I got off the train and looked at the screenshots of the map that I was nowhere where I needed to be. To make matters worse, they weren’t kidding when it’s said they speak primarily French in Montreal. Not even the bus driver spoke English. After actually thinking I might have to sleep on the streets, I luckily ran into an English speaker who directed me towards the right way. I’ve been to far more bizarre places, but it’s funny that the places closest to home can be the scariest!


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