10 Things You Only Realize From Moving Your Whole Life

“Guess it’s time to pack the bags,” I said once again. It wasn’t my first time using those words and it won’t be my last. I have people tell me constantly that they’re jealous I move so much or they don’t know how I do it. It’s either one response or the other. There are definately pros and cons but there is a lot of things you “normal people” don’t understand about us. You grew up in the same town. You went to school with the same people and your version of moving is moving to the neighborhood 15 minutes south. There are some things you only learn by moving and here is the ten things you only understand if you moved your whole life.

1. Friends come and go.

Attachments come hard. If you were like me the only thing that stayed the same and I could hold on to is my family growing up… Friends not so much. I remember my friends would cry when I would move and I would just stand there taking it all in realizing it will happen again 2 years down the road. We would say our good byes, I may or may not loose contact and I would move on.  If you got to attached it would make the process more difficult.
2. You’re extremely friendly and usually an extrovert. 

This is a given…you have to be or you will get eaten alive in school or at a workplace. You have to compete for friends that have been together since 3rd grade.  There’s usually like six of them and they don’t just let number seven walk right in and start from third grade nor do they “need” you. You have to be extremely friendly to be accepted into that friendship. You have to remember you need them to survive but they don’t need you. You also have to accept you will most likely always be “last.” Even if you make it into the friend zone you still were last to join the group and it’s extremely difficult to move up from there…. All it takes is time… Which you don’t have much of if you move every few years….

3. You don’t have a favorite sports team… Or if you do it isn’t local.

Gosh people never understand this!  I always get the “why don’t you like the (insert local sports team here).” I simply roll my eyes and say “because Susan, I have been here like 6 months, they have NEVER won anything and they probably never will, and I will probably move in a year anyway and be annoyed by the next coworker wondering why I don’t watch the local sports” People, us “movers” will most likely never fall in love with your local sports teams you and your family have been watching since you were in the womb and if we have a favorite team it will be from a random location that we maybe lived the longest…..just saying.

4. You don’t even learn directions.

Maybe this is just a “me” thing but I usually don’t take the time to learn all of the new directions. I use google maps for EVERYTHING. I learn my address though…?

5. Your hobbies cease to exist if they can’t travel with you.

This is the hardest thing I remember growing up. I remember being in Karate and having to restart back to the beginner belt three times growing up. I remember taking violin and moving to find out we couldn’t find a teacher in that town. I remember moving between sports seasons and having to quit. I guess you could say my hobby is moving…. Right?

6. Though you dread starting over new you know exactly what to do. 

I know exactly what to do. Exactly what to say. It is great. I get to restart at every location. I know no one will be able to pronoun my name and I will have to say it 1000 times. I know I most likely won’t remember anyone’s names so I will wait around until I hear other people say it until I remember it myself. No one knows who you are. No one knows how you are. You’re a different person. You know how to meet new people. You know how to be friendly. We have profected this.

7. You have a different perspective of life than everyone else.

This is what I love the most. Everything isn’t always black and white. Everything isn’t the same. There’s a whole world with different experiences and cultures out there. We “movers” understand the importance of change and learning the different between other societies. We are open minded to change and integrate well into society. We embrace it.

8. You have gotten to see places and things people only wish they have.

If you move a lot you probably love traveling. I unfortunately knew people in the USA that have never been out of the state they were born. I can’t even remotely comprehend this phrase. How can anyone not want to venture out and see this amazing world with so much culture and differences. Us movers most likely feel travel is a necessity.

9. You don’t mind change- you embrace it

How else can you take change? No better way than to embrace it. I love change. I have actually lived in the same city for 2 years now and I am about to loose my mind. I need to move. I need to restart. I know nothing more than change.

10. You actually enjoy moving… Even if it is deep down.

I love moving. There are pros and cons to staying or moving and each has its own challenges. We just all have to be open minded to the movers and non-movers and embrace the differences. Moving has made me open minded.

To my fellow movers… Embrace it. To you new movers take the challenge. Put in comments below your moving experiences!

6 thoughts on “10 Things You Only Realize From Moving Your Whole Life

  1. Hello, fellow traveler! I’m an Army brat and yes, we moved every two years – I’m just about to head back east to spend some time with my boyfriend’s family, we haven’t been back east since May 2011 and I’m so excited (we’ll have time to be tourists, too!). Your post brought back some good memories and made me smile…

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    • Haha my husband is army guard so we don’t have to move but growing up my dad had a job that made us move about every 2 years or less. I moved 9 times by the time I was 13! I hated it while growing up but now I can tell there was so much I learned from it. Besides me having issues with attachment to my friends it was a good experience… Much better than the boring life of living in one place 😂

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      • I have managed to keep in touch with my best friend since Grade 4, we met when we were living in Germany and then we were posted back to Canada. We did not know where we would end up, imagine our joy, when we met up on the same street those many summers ago…


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