A Cruise You Can Actually Live On- The World

The World- a massively owned cruise ship or “privately owned yacht” as they like to call it is a ship that you can actually live on! Now before you stop reading this and Google this gigantic thing just remember you better have a budget as big as the ship! The ship sails around the world and the locations it stops at are actually determined by the passages and captain-sweet! With only short of 170 residents this big ship is meant for a life of luxury. For only (you ready?)…. For a whopping $600,000 you can buy the smallest apartment. Sheesh I mean a studio but wow can you believe that! I wish I could afford that (and if you can… Please we need to talk) but even if you can let’s not forget about the yearly fees you will be charged! They are outrageous!

So this is a lot of people’s dream! You literally live on a beautiful ship and travel the planet with 165 families from 45 counties that have that desire. Below just shows what a few months will look like for these wealthy people who call “The World” their home.

So next year they actually plan to start in Antarctica! What an incredibly unique experience! So what do you think…. Would you make The World your home? – put in comments below!

6 thoughts on “A Cruise You Can Actually Live On- The World

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