5 Reasons To Not Travel…EVER

1. You Might Never Miss Home!
Traveling is all about leaving home so then you get to come home… but what if you find a place that feels like home? Don’t take that risk! Stay home, grab a book, and read about all the places from the comfort of your home… watch a documentary even! Anywhere that requires such risk should be banned! Why would you leave home only to realize it was worth it!

2. You Might Meet New People

This is the hardest part for you introverts… there is new people EVERYWHERE! In the airport, on a taxi, on the beach, in the airplane… they’re everywhere unfortunately. These crazy people might even have the same interest as you and require you to… talk.  If you stay in your home you can avoid these people at all cost!

3. You Might Take Risk

This is the worst… taking risk. Risk are everywhere but especially when you are traveling abroad. What if you get injured abroad? What if you get kidnaped? What if you don’t want to come home?
Do not take risk! Don’t do it! Enjoy Netflix and chill by watching some documentary about America, Europe, South America, Africa or wherever but do not go there.

4. You Might Get Lost

Maps can be completely difference around the world. Maps come in different shapes, sizes and colors… and who really knows how to even read them. Don’t risk getting lost- do not travel.
Trust me.

5. Seeing Other Cultures Is Overated

Who really needs to see people from different cultural backgrounds? Who really needs to learn about other ways of life and how they live? You might even actually enjoy it….
So put down those suitcases! Shred those expensive passports and enjoy the bland wall paint you chose and those thrift store curtains. Enjoy your new cappuccino machine and stay indoors.
The world could use less of you roaming around anyway….


9 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Not Travel…EVER

    • Yes you can! I am a budget planing fanatic. I wrote an article on some of my tricks and I plan to cover more in another. I flew to Belize this year for $300 round trip (which is cheap from my location). My friend flew for only $150 round trip. You also can stay in hostels for $10/night. You could go to Central America for literally under $300! Everyone can travel you just have to know to budget. Obviously it depends on location … for me Australia and Africa are the most expensive flights…

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      • Oh no! Yeah some countries are harder. The Central U.S. is easy but obviously if I lived in Alaska or Hawaii i wouldn’t have that luxury. Where I live it is relatively expensive to fly so I have to definitely budget. Go to google.com and type in cheap google flights and it should pop up first. It’s an easy google website that lets you find the absolute cheapest flights on the cheapest airlines! Check it out.

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