How An Ordinary Girl Became An Explorer

There are only a few things in life that are certain but whether I was born to be a traveler was not one of them. Are travelers born or made?  In my opinion all that matters is the person you are now and the person you are going to be… not the person you once were. So are explorers born or made? Who truly cares… all I know is I am an explorer and I am not alone.

So ironically enough my zodiac sign just so happens to be Sagittarius, the explorer. The most travel loving among signs. Apparently the Sagittarius will travel the world to find their true meaning which I feel is exactly my goal. (No you don’t have to be a Sagittarius to be a traveler, it’s just irony). You have to have this unending urge in your soul. You all reading this right now probably know the feeling.

I grew up with little structure. By the time I was 13 I had moved 10 times in the United States. I never truly had a “home”. Home was wherever we were that year. Moving changed my life in both positive and in negative ways but it carved my foundation to be who I am today… a crazy wanderlust fanatic travel obsessed girl. I feel everyone is given a purpose…a meaning in life. I feel I haven’t found mine yet so I will travel the world until I do. I have a feeling the more I travel the closer I come to finding it. Whether I find it on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, on a cobble stone street in Italy, or in an ancient temple in China, I will find it. 
Join me on my mission to find my purpose…our purpose. Anyone can travel. I hear all the time money is an issue, or fear is an issue but the only thing holding you back is yourself. Let go of that fear and go. Set aside that $40 a month and just go. Against what your family says, against what your friends say, live for yourself.

“Don’t let the world hold you back but instead hold the world in your hands.”

– Big Blue Planet

I challenge you all to visit one country below. Go, see, explore.
Be an explorer.

-Places to go in This Year-

1. Iceland

2. New Zealand

3. China

4. Kenya

5. Colombia

6. Norway

7. Costa Rica

8. Nepal

10 thoughts on “How An Ordinary Girl Became An Explorer

      • Iceland is becoming pretty popular lately, and for good reason! It looks beautiful, and if you’re going from the U.S. there are many flights to Europe that are much cheaper if you make a layover in Iceland. Definitely on my on my list.

        And I may be bias, BUT, Colombia is amazing. Culturally and touristically (is that a word?). You can find anything in Colombia, and all the regions have totally different aspects to explore.

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      • Exactly! Haha I wanted to post places that you don’t hear of as much as others. I mean most people I talk to say yeah I went to Mexico, the Bahamas, Italy, Canada, the United States (and though all of these places are fun they’re incredibly common) but I wanted to list a more unique experience :). And your right places that are completely unique and unlike any other. They are all so culturally diverse in their own ways and I absolutely love it. I feel they’re also less thought of and overlooked! So go go go…! 🙂

        Travel the world


  1. Love the way you have expressed yourself. My daughter’s sun-sign is Saggitarius and we have moved 10 homes in the last `5 years. Reading this blog felt like I was getting a peek into her mind. Thanks and hope you find yourself. Until then enjoy each day!

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